SSM Movie Pimp Minute: Total Recall

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SSM Movie Pimp Minute: Total Recall

Postby BillTheCat » Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:59 pm

Saw the new "Total Recall" this morning. It was just OK. Colin Farrell just isn't very emotive. He was not interesting to see or hear. Kate Beckinsale put another notch in her "action starlet" resume with this one, though. And Jessica Biel wasn't half bad. Bryan Cranston played a slightly exaggerated bad guy, but I think that was the point, and he did it well.

But the big plot change was kind of... dumb. As in, "If you took high school Physics (or Geology) and stayed awake enough to get a C, this is a retarded concept." Additionally, they failed to demonstrate how the downtrodden were being kept down, suffering, etc. They were supposed to be horribly oppressed, but they seemed OK.

Overall, unless you are just desperate to see Kate & Jessica cat fight, I'd wait for DVD, Netflix, etc. Overall, even though the original was more of a cartoon, it was a better movie.

Even as a popcorn flick, this one only gets 1.5 out of 4 spark plugs.
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